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Although this material is focused on integrating your ideas with quotations from novels, poems, and plays into literary analysis papers, in some genres this advice is equally applicable to incorporating quotations from scholarly essays, reports, or even original research into your work.
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Finally I must select from the available evidence some illustrative quotations, showing the word in use over a representative time-span In this case I choose quotations from 1995 the earliest available quotation is always used in the entry, 1997, and 2000 To use any more quotations than this would be to over-elaborate on a word with a short history and only one meaning quotations.
Greatest Quotations - All the world's' best Quotes and Sayings.
10 Random quotes. 100 Most popular quotations. What are quotations exactly? Quotations or quotes are short statements from somebody's' work, often a book, article or speach. A quote probabaly everybody know is To" be, or not to be" by Shakespeare of course.
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an insurance quotation 2 FINANCE the price of a share on a stockmarket, either its selling price or its buying price The company processes the stock quotations from all of the nations major exchanges. the days listing of mutual fund quotations.
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Short quotations - Prose quotations of fewer than 50 words should be placed within quotation marks and incorporated into the text see examples above. Long quotations - Prose quotations of more than 50 words should be presented as a single-spaced block quotation.
CONC 4.1 Content of quotations - FCA Handbook.
CONC 4.1.5 R 01/04/2014 RP. Paragraphs 2 to 5 apply to CONC 4.1.3 R and CONC 4.1.4 R rules on content of quotations. Quotation means any document by which a person gives a customer information about the terms on which the person or a lender or owner is prepared to do business, but it does not include.:
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Use quotation marks to enclose direct quotations. The direct quotation of a person's' exact words, whether spoken or written, must be in quotation marks. Don't' forget to visit me in London, Martha said. Do not use quotation marks around indirect quotations.
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In general, a few good and illustrative quotations should go directly in the entry, while other quotations if there are very many can go in the Citations: namespace to avoid cluttering the entry. For example, a few quotations of parrot are available in that entry, and more are available at Citationsparrot.:

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